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You can call her Ophélie or Harmonie, whichever way suits you better. She is a big kid, a wanna-be traveller and a chocolate addict. She loves natural light and simple yet meaningful moments that make you awestruck when you look back at your photos. She believes it is important not to overlook the small things.

Her years of experience as a model with her lover allows her to do her best to help you feel comfortable. And she has always lived in Paris. She loves walking along the cobbled street and discover more and more playing fields. She may be a thousand miles away but she owns a car, she is not afraid to fly or to travel, in France or anywhere in the world. She will adapt to your ideas, needs and desires, exactly as you want them!

Don’t hesitate to send Harmonie Photography an email to say hello, to tell her more about you as an individual, your family or your couple and to book a session in famous or secret places to have unforgettable memories. She looks forward to meeting you someday!


Her style is known to be:

Natural          Simple          Unforgettable          Comfortable          Meaningful