5 High Fashion Yet Wearable Wedding Dress Sleeves

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Not every high fashion wedding dress designed for the runway is practical, but we can still see the beauty and grandeur of individual elements – and hope they would turn heads going down the aisle. Sleeves, in particular, are our focus today, as they come in every imaginable cut, a variety of volumes, and a range of materials. Check out some of this year’s most wearable wedding dress sleeves, straight from Bridal Fashion Week 2020.


White Meadow Bridal

Puffy Sleeves

For the bold bride, there is the voluminous puffy sleeve, a nod to oversized fashion from the ‘80s. The modern puffy sleeve comes in various materials and can range from a subtle statement to downright over the top. Occasionally the sleeves can even be detached for a 2-in-1 look. Versatile, puffy sleeves can be paired with a variety of wedding dress silhouettes, from a billowing ballgown to a fit and flare. They fit a number of wedding themes, from full-glam, romantic to whimsical.

Kylie - Milla by Lorenzo Rossi

Long Sleeves

As usual, brides all over the world went wild for the royal wedding, dress included. It was no different following the wedding of the Duchess of Sussex, who wore an elegant and modest slim-fitting gown. Since then a number of full coverage designs featuring long sleeves have appeared on the runway. Made with entirely one material, this sophisticated and elegant style comes with a fitted silhouette. It is ideal for both a glam or minimalistic wedding theme.


Inbal Dror

Inbal Dror

Inbal Dror

Floor Length Sleeves

Perfect for the ethereal or boho bride, floor-length sleeves add a striking element to what could be an otherwise traditional wedding gown. The style pairs beautifully with a variety of silhouettes, from ballgowns to flowing a-lines and columns. Elegant and chic, floor-length sleeves can be made of tulle, lace, and a variety of other materials. This style would look stunning for an outdoor wooded wedding, as well as a boho affair.

Anna Kara 2020 Collection

Illusion Long Sleeves

Previously, illusion sleeves were simple and plain. More recently, however, these popular sleeves have taken a fashion-forward twist with unique embellishments and prints. On the runway, this includes polka dots, floral prints, and countless other appliques and textures. This style is ideal for a bride who is looking for a traditional gown, yet prefers a look that is equally sensual as it is matronly. It pairs beautifully with a variety of themes but is most popular for outdoor and warm weather weddings. Personally, it gives us a romantic garden vibe.

Inbal Dror 2020 Collections

Inbal Dror 2020 Collections


Cape Sleeves

The popularity of wedding capes have increased over the past few years, but the reality is that some brides would rather avoid lugging around an extra accessory all day. Luckily this trend has advanced to cape sleeves, or flutter sleeves. Rather than a separate piece, this ‘cape’ is attached to the dress. Usually stopping just above the elbow, it can be made of a solid material or a mesh with appliques and embellishments. With such versatile designs available, this style is perfect for a wedding that falls in any season, warm or cold.


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