Blisspixel’s Pre-wedding Giveaway Shoot
with Gareth & Pailin

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We partnered with Blisspixel and launched a giveaway earlier this year and here are the photos featuring the winning couple, Gareth & Pailin.


Gareth & Pailin


Gareth & Pailin

Pailin and Gareth got together during their high school days and they stayed together throughout the years. Not only that, they have had the opportunity to expand and included two cute furballs, Luna & Milo. Luna and Milo are two absolutely adorable dogs who were really photogenic. Aloysius from Blisspixel had a wonderful time shooting with them at Cantebury road as well as Gillman Barracks.


Giveaway Photoshoot

Giveaway Photoshoot Gareth & Pailin

“I do not normally shoot with animals, but this experience was really interesting!”

Giveaway Photoshoot

Blisspixel Giveaway Photoshoot

Giveaway Photoshoot

Canterbury Road, Singapore

Best Spots for Pre-wedding shoot in Singapore

Pailin and Gareth could choose where they want to have their giveaway shoot and they chose Canterbury road. This is one of the most loved spots by couples shooting their pre-wed in Singapore. Open-air with vase greenery and a path in the middle, Cantebury road is a perfect location for all those nature-loving couples. According to research, the best timing to shoot at this place will be in the evening between 5 to 6 pm, in order to capture those glistening rays of sunset.


Giveaway Photoshoot

Giveaway Photoshoot

Gillman Barracks, Singapore

After shooting at Cantebury road, there was still some time left, so the couple went to Gillman Barracks to continue shooting. Gillman Barracks is a haven for contemporary art lovers with its many galleries. The white and grey exterior also served as a perfect backdrop for photoshoots. Colourful dresses like the one Pailin is wearing will make sure that you stand out and it acts a pop of uniqueness to the photos! Explore around Gillman Barracks and you will find plenty of photogenic spots for your pre-wedding shoot.


Gareth & Pailin hugging

Giveaway Photoshoot Gareth & Pailin with their dogs

About Blisspixel

Blisspixel Wedding Photography is a collaboration photography label by Watabe Wedding Singapore and Lightedpixels Photography. The talented photographer behind Blisspixel Wedding Photography is a Sony ambassador who has been capturing the reminiscence of timeless moments for 12 years thus far.

Aloysius, the photographer behind Blisspixel, is known for a style that is “natural, candid and spontaneous”. This wedding photographer in Singapore focuses on creating timeless and beautiful memories, by making his captures look relevant 10 to 20 years down the road.



Gareth & Pailin hug


Special thanks to the team:

Photography: Blisspixel


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