Different Ways to Include Pets in Weddings

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We all love our pets. So, if you and your other half share a furry friend, then we’re guessing it’s pretty likely you want to know how you can incorporate pets in weddings! Whether you have a dog, cat, or even a rabbit, it’s becoming the norm to include pets in weddings. Luckily, there are many ways to do so! The first thing you must consider is whether your pet will be able to attend the wedding or whether you wish to honour them in spirit. Of course, most of us would prefer our fav pup is there in person. However, it ultimately does depend on whether your wedding venue is pet-friendly, so be sure to check this in advance!


If your pet IS able to attend your wedding:


dog ring bearer

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Make them your ring bearer

One of the most popular ways of including a pet in your wedding is to make them a ring bearer. There are a few different ways the animal could be carrying the rings. First, your pet could have the ring attached to their back. Another idea is they could be holding a little pillow with the ring on it in their mouth. Lastly, they could even be holding a basket in their mouth with the ring in that. Unless your pet is very well trained, keep in mind that you will likely need someone either holding them or walking them on a leash down the aisle.


Tabitha & Stewart pre-wedding

Wedding of Tabitha and Stewart

Add them to your wedding party

There’s no rule that says you can’t ask your pet to be one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen! Another cute way of incorporating your pet into your wedding ceremony is by adding them to your wedding party. They can walk down the aisle and stand at the altar with you, just as the rest of your wedding party does. If you choose to go this route, we love the idea of dressing them up in something that matches the rest of the wedding party’s attire. For example, if all the groomsmen are wearing navy blue suits, consider putting a navy blue bow tie on your pet to match.


Blisspixel’s Pre-wedding Giveaway Shoot with Gareth & Pailin

Blisspixel’s Pre-wedding Giveaway Shoot with Gareth & Pailin


Include them in your wedding photoshoot

If your pet doesn’t have the temperament to participate in your actual wedding ceremony, then why not feature them in your wedding photoshoot? Assuming you don’t live too far away from the venue, have a loved one run home after the ceremony and bring your pet to your photo shoot location. Many wedding photographers nowadays are used to shooting pets. Plus, including them in your couple’s portraits will ensure you have memories of your pet on your wedding day that last a lifetime.


If your pet is NOT able to attend your wedding:


Incorporate them into the cake

If it’s just not possible for your pet to attend your actual wedding, there are still many ways you can honour them. One way is to incorporate them into your wedding cake by choosing an animal-themed cake topper. You can find all sorts of cake toppers online nowadays. In fact, you can even have them custom-made to look exactly like your pet.


Name your signature cocktail after them

An adorable way of including your pet in your wedding is to name a cocktail after them. For example, if your pet’s name is Bailey, the cocktail could be called “The Bailey.” It could then be made up of ingredients that are inspired by his or her favourite foods.


bridelope production


Donate to an animal shelter in lieu of wedding favours

One final way to honour your pet on your wedding day is to donate money to a local animal shelter on behalf of your guests. Donations are becoming increasingly popular, both as wedding gifts and wedding favours. Whether your own pet was from a shelter or not, this is a great way to help other animals in need and give back to your community.


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