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Aman Kyoto


1 Okitayama Washimine-Cho,
Kyoto, 603-0000,

Tel No: +81 75 496 1333
For reservations: +81 75 496 1334


One of the newest addition to Aman is Aman Kyoto, which opened its door to the public in November 2019. Set in a sublime 8-acre garden protected by 32 acres of natural woodland, the 26-suite Aman Kyoto will provide a secluded retreat minutes away from the centre of this gracious and multifaceted destination. Hidden at the foot of the symbolic Hidari Daimonji Mountain in Kyoto’s north, the resort is within walking distance of shimmering Kinkaku-ji-Temple of the Golden Pavilion, and close to 16 other Unesco World Heritage sites. Aman Kyoto draws on the country’s traditional ryokan (traditional inn) and onsen (mineral hot spring) concepts to provide an authentic yet contemporary Kyoto sanctuary true to the roots of its historic neighbourhood.

Three months after its opening, Aman Kyoto has been honoured with the Wallpaper* Design Award for Best New Hotel 2020 – a tribute to the vision and talent of its architect, the late Kerry Hill.


The spectacular natural setting in a remarkable garden

Words Associated with the Resort:

Spectacular        Cultural         Whimsical           Sublime          Authentic