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Ds. Majaksingi,
Borobudur, Magelang
Central Java, Indonesia

Tel No: +62 293 788 333
For reservations: +62 361 84 68585


Silhouetted at sunrise, Unesco-listed Borobudur is sure to stir up artistic tendencies – not only because the landscape includes Mount Merapi’s volcanic peak, smouldering in the background, but because Amanjiwo (‘Peaceful souls’) provides guests with sets of watercolour paints. It is a resort with 31 suites located in one of the most scenic parts of Indonesia, resting within a natural amphitheatre. Here in Indonesia’s artistic and intellectual heartland, Borobudur, one of Buddhism’s most sacred Mahayana temples, was reclaimed from the jungle in the 19th century, and its significance is echoed in the resort’s design. The temple-like hideaway, built entirely from blush-beige local paras Jogja limestone, has soaring ceilings, colonnades and a central domed stupa roof that mimics Borobudur in the distance.


Graceful architecture overlooking Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist sanctuary.

Words Associated with the Resort:

Graceful        Scenic          Immersive         Javanese          Tranquil