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Edwin Tan Photography


Damansara, Selangor

+60 1 2304 0558


Edwin is blessed with an uncanny ability to anticipate and adapt to changing moments of a live shoot. His relaxed and easy-going nature puts couples at ease which enables them to fully express themselves. He is unobtrusive and allows the events to unfold, as they should whilst surreptitiously injecting some of his own direction. With a storyline crafted in his mind, Edwin goes out to find the deeply emotional moments that reflect the story of the day. Being the perfectionist that he is, Edwin believes that every minor detail is important – loving glances, smiles and meaningful moments always captured and no tears left unseen.

Not one to be satisfied with his shots, Edwin always strives to do better in the next shot. He believes that inspiration is all around us— whether it is in the future or the past, we just need to tune into it. More importantly, he firmly believes that a photographer needs to be passionate about his work especially when making that crucial decision in shooting never-again events like a wedding. The effect of Edwin Tan Photography’s work on most of his clients has been emotionally profound, particularly upon seeing the finished compilation of their wedding photos. If one believes in love and finding Mr or Miss right, engaging Edwin Tan Photography is like finally landing a soul mate. It is really the joy of being able to experience deep, emotional moments unique to every wedding that fuels Edwin’s passion for wedding photography.


His style is known to be:

Adaptable          Unobtrusive          Emotive          Momental          Passionate