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Liz Martinez


Liz Martinez Flagship Studio 

122 Sderot Herzl Ramla,
Israel 72430-18

Tel No:
+972 8 6744435



Liz Martinez is a young, Israeli bridal gown designer. In a matter of just a few years that can be counted on a single hand, she has evolved from sewing her own designs in her small bedroom at her mother’s apartment outside of Tel Aviv, to becoming one of the hottest brands in the international bridal fashion scene. While some may refer to her as the “Cinderella” of the tidal wave of Israeli designers hitting the world’s ever-sizzling bridal fashion market, Liz sees her success as a “do or die” situation and encourages all young girls to make their dreams a reality and become the woman they know they can be. Her youthful passion and creative spirit along with her sense for elegance and glamour are the leitmotifs in all her collections.

For Liz Martinez, every design is the quintessential expression of a woman’s inner beauty and seductive nature. The use of unexpected materials, unconventional cuts, strict attention to details and ability to flow with current trends, have placed Liz Martinez as one of the most significant, fresh, and innovative designers to come out of Israel. Each dress is a reminder of how a little girl’s dream can become a reality; for a bride, it could mean her wedding day, for Liz it is a flourishing successful fashion house.

“When I was very young, I used to sit in my little room flipping through the pages of Vogue magazine. I practised drawing and tried to give life to those drawings by dressing up my dolls. At the age of 18, I was finally able to start studying fashion. My first studio was, in fact, a corner in a small room in my mom’s apartment. When the room got a little too crowded I moved up to the rooftop of our building and soon after evolved into a studio downtown. Today, I am proud to say that my team and I work out of a large, yet very warm, growing fashion house and that my gowns can be found in several countries around the world.”


Words associated with the Brand:

Unconventional          Fresh          Fashionable          Chic          Confidence