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Sál Photo



Jl. Pulau Morotai no. 79
Teuku Umar Barat, Denpasar
Bali, Indonesia 80117

+62 81 237 914740 (Agung)
+62 81 339 308139 (Ray)


Sál Photography is a Bali based team of passionate wedding photographers who believe that every element in this world has their own uniqueness. The uniqueness has made a distinctive soul be alive. We create our story to be told to the future. We cherish simplicity and intimacy to create such beautiful and monumental moments. By then, we believe every moment that we capture will be eternally alive as a journey of a lifetime to be remembered. Shutter by shutter, frame by frame, soul by soul.


Our style is associated with:

Classic          Moments          Passion          Ingenuity          Real