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The Inbal Dror A/W 2020 Collection

By Eoin Connolly

Inbal Dror is one of the most exciting contemporary wedding gown designers in the business today. Her progress has been meteoric since she launched her couture Inbal Dror brand. This Israeli fashion designer counts Ivanka Trump, Naomi Watts, and Beyoncé among her distinguished list of clientele. Inbal Dror is the definition of racy silhouettes and elegant necklines. The brand has seen worldwide adoption in recent years. It has grown significantly from the Ashdod-based fashion house in which Dror initially set up shop.


inbal dror


Autumn / Winter 2020

Dror’s AW 2020 collection presents a radical new take on the classic wedding gown design. Intended to represent the aura a bride gives off on her wedding day, the collection makes liberal use of sparkles and silver embroidery in order to dress the bride herself in a wedding gown fit for an angel. As brides are symbols of devotion and tradition, the AW 2020 collection draws inspiration from the belief that a bride will glow on her wedding day — hence the halo-like headbands present in the pieces.

Dror recognises that wedding is the most important day in a bride’s life. In her own words, she wants her brides to look heavenly. Here are just three of the stunning wedding gowns this forward-thinking fashion designer has created for the Autumn / Winter 2020 collection.

Inbal Dror AW20

Inbal Dror AW20

Look 1

A contemporary take on a classic design, the first of the pieces we’ll be looking at incorporates bared shoulders and half-sleeves. The middle section involves the smallest of cut-outs, which creates an unforgettable impression. Elegant, understated design touches adorn the body of the dress, further reinforcing the sense of majesty and sophistication.


Inbal Dror AW 2020 look 1

Look 20

With a daring bustier-like upper portion and an ephemeral, almost dream-like material choice, this second piece won’t so much make a splash as it’ll inspire the thoughts of those who witness it. Bared shoulders are present again, although the silhouette is more clearly defined than in some other pieces. This creates a striking yet balanced visual effect on anybody who sees it.


Inbal Dror AW 2020 look 20

Look 24

The simplicity of a traditional design is seen here in contrast with a modern bodice. This creates an intriguing balance of old and new, strong and soft, solid and intangible. The silhouette is daring and familiar at the same time, balancing the dress superbly. With a whisper-thin train following behind and a semi-sheer body tied by an inspired use of a bow, the overall effect is one of timeless class and effortless elegance.

Inbal Dror AW 2020 look 24/1

Inbal Dror AW 2020 look 24/3

Inbal Dror AW 2020 look 24/2


If you’re interested in trying on some of the gowns above, as well as others, click here.

On the other hand, if you’re planning a wedding but aren’t quite sure where to begin, fret now! Check out our other articles and our directory of vendors for some inspiration!

inbal dror

inbal dror


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