An Intimate Wedding at
One of the World’s Oldest Castle
with Elli & Terry

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If you are looking for an intimate wedding with just your loved ones, sharing the joy with those you care about the most, then we suggest a wedding at a historic castle. With good weather, your guests and both of you can bask in the radiant sunlight from the courtyard with some snacks and drinks.


Schloss Kronburg in Memmingen, it was built around 1200

Schloss Kronburg in Memmingen

schloss Kronburg

The castle was built in 1200

Schloss Kronburg in Memmingen


Our photographer Yulia was just amazing! We were looking for a relaxed bohemian yet glamorous style of photography and Yulia’s portfolio was the perfect match.


Wedding Bus & Bride

How it all started…

It was love at first sight for Terry when he met Elli in a hostel in Lorne, Australia. Both of them were travelling with their own group of friends then. They clicked well and decided to travel to New Zealand together. They forged a strong relationship through the travels and after going back to Melbourne, Elli realized that Terry was the one she has been looking for. Elli moved to Australia with her Shetland Sheepdog after a one-year long-distance relationship with Terry and they have been enjoying life ever since.


Terry Preparing

Terry & Elli

Both of them are not the type of people that are fixated with plans and regulations. They did not have a proposal, rather, Elli just decided one day that it would be a good time for them to tie the knot. With the help of her dad, they booked the beautiful castle, Schloss Kronburg.

Elli & Terry's Intimate Wedding at One of the World’s Oldest Castle

Elli & Terry's Failrytale Wedding at One of the World’s Oldest Castle

My mum always said: the perfect man for you lives on the other side of the world and that is actually where I found him.

Fairytale wedding in Castle

Flowers used in the wedding were a mix of lavender, eucalyptus and field flowers, with different bunches for the courtyard, the party and dining room.

The Wedding Gown

Since Elli imagined the wedding with bohemian vibes, she initially wanted a wedding gown that will be bohemian. However, Elli realised that she needed a more glamorous gown after deciding on the castle venue. A deep V-neck dress covered with laces was her final choice after trying on 15 others. It was elegant yet effortless, one that complemented the whole theme and venue well.

Elli in wedding gown

The dreamy wedding at the historic castle

For their wedding, Elli imagined an event that is inviting and down to earth, with lots of white and nice flowers. It could be a little bohemian and personal. Their favourite moment during the wedding was not first dances or the vows, but rather the fact that they had a lot of free time. They could interact and talk to their beloved guests one by one.

Cake and food played a very important role in their wedding and we know Germans love their cake. That is why apart from a three-tiered wedding cake of three different flavours, they also had three other cakes on the table.


Dreamy Castle Wedding

Dreamy Castle Wedding

Cake Cutting

The three-tiered wedding cake came in three different flavours: the top was raspberry-chocolate, the second layer was passionfruit-mango and the bottom was strawberry-vanilla.

Cake Cutting

Cake Cutting

I didn´t put any pressure on it and in the end, it really turned out to be the best day of my life. I had such an amazing day! Terry and I really got to spend a lot of time with our loved ones in a brilliant location.

Scented candles from England with name tags made by Elli of guests as souvenirs served as a token to remember this special day.

Scented candles as souvenirs

Scented candles from England with name tags made by Elli of guests as souvenirs served as a token to remember this special day.

Table set-up

Elli & Terry

Advice to couples

To Elli, having a life of her own even after marriage is the most important. Go out with your friends, travel with them, enjoy alone time with yourself and give your partner enough space. Be understanding and feel happy for your other half and you will never get bored with each other.


Elli & Terry

“I am so happy that we are in a relationship where he can go on holidays with his friends and I can do the same with mine.


group photo

group photo

Elli & Terry

Elli & Terry

Elli & Terry


Special thanks to the team:

Wedding feature: Adorn Invitations

Photographer: Yulia from YTZ Weddings

Ceremony Venue: Schloss Kronburg in Memmingen

Reception Venue: Schloss Kronburg in Memmingen


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