Rachael & Ken’s Photoshoot with
Loveinstills Photography at Alcove

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Today we are featuring a series of photos from a sweet couple, Rachael & Ken, who are the winners of our Loveinstills Photography x Alcove at Caldwell House Giveaway.

Photoshoot at Alcove


Sebastian is someone who makes you feel comfortable around & has very good pointers & tips on how to pose naturally.


Racheal in beautiful red gown


Rachael and Ken met each other back in school and became friends. They got together after knowing each other and staying as friends for two years. Being friends before getting together made them understood one other better and we all know how sometimes that extra step takes a little more courage. Both Rachael and Ken enjoy the quiet company of each other and we think the ideal relationship is one that you feel comfortable around one another and there will not be any dull or awkward moment. 

No relationship is all sunshine but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together. 


Racheal & Ken


We asked Rachael and Ken what they like most about this shoot with LoveInStills and they mentioned that the photographer, Sebastian, is someone that makes people feel comfortable around. He also has very good pointers & tips on how to pose naturally. It was easy to work with him and Sebastian has definitely exceeded their expectations as a wedding photographer. 


Racheal outside of Chijmes


CHIJMES and Alcove stood out as a prime venue for a pre-wedding photoshoot because of their aesthetically pleasing white buildings. The whole place exudes a sense of romantic vibes, especially the white spiral staircases and all these give the pictures a dreamy effect. 


Racheal and Ken photoshoot


About Loveinstills Photography

Loveinstills, a bespoke wedding photographer who is passionate yet driven. In the pursuit to turn every photo into art pieces, Loveinstills has earned for themselves a reputation not only as a photography company that captures the essence of the moment, but also reliable and resourceful.

Their style is fun, non-intrusive and caters to your needs without sacrificing creativity and elegance. We are not trigger-happy, but we are happy to capture your special moments.


Alcove at Caldwell House


Alcove at Caldwell House

Gazetted as a national monument in 1990, Caldwell House is one of the oldest building in Singapore.

Its neoclassical style design is one of the few surviving works of renowned architect, G.D Coleman. The Grand Gallery on level 2 was renamed The Alcove and managed by Watabe Wedding Singapore.

With its unique semi-circular exterior and large Doric columns supporting a vaulted timber ceiling, The Alcove at Caldwell House is well-furnished and suitable for small parties of about 30 to 100 guests. Its modern furnishing allows room for versatility, an ideal location for corporate and wedding events.


Photoshoot at Chijmes

Racheal at Chijmes Racheal and Ken at Chijmes

With Thanks To:

Wedding Venue: Alcove at Caldwell House

Photography: Loveinstills Photography

Bridal Gown: Lace & Dolly SG

Groom’s Suit: Lace & Dolly SG

Hair & Make Up: Iris from Dream Makers Make Up


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