How to Nail the Beach Bride Look

By Jani Elmore

Listen up, beach babes! Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or simply want to tie the knot at your local beach, you’ll want to make the right decisions throughout your wedding planning journey that complement the natural, happy-go-lucky energy of a beach wedding. From your physique to style, hair, makeup and more, here are a few of the key elements to nail when pulling together the ultimate beach bride look!


That Beach Wedding Body

It’s true that every bride wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day. Beach brides, however, face a unique pressure to get in shape and fit in with all those beautiful beach bods! It’s also likely that you’ll be showing a little extra skin at your beach wedding in a dress style that’s sexy-chic so start prepping early! Establish a regular workout routine early that specifically targets the areas of your body that your beach dress will reveal. Pair that with a healthy diet and you’ll be beach ready in no time!


A Lightweight, Airy Wedding Dress

When we think of the beach, we think carefree, summer vibes and your wedding dress style should complement that. As much as we love a princess fairytale wedding, the beach is no place for a formal ball gown and chapel train. Unless you want your dress to weigh you down (and cause you to melt/faint under the sunny beach heat!), you’ll want to avoid having too much dress. Instead opt for chiffon, silk, charmeuse, tulle or taffeta fabrics that allow for free movement and easy breathing.


Think Natural Wedding Makeup

Sorry ladies, but your daily makeup routine simply won’t survive the merciless humidity of a beach wedding. Skip the cakey heavy foundations for lightweight foundations, powders and concealers and please, make sure they all blend flawlessly as the blaring sunlight will pick up on any color clashes and can ruin your wedding photos! You may also want to ditch the artificial pink blush for a natural coral color and swap out the sticky lip gloss (notorious for catching strands of hair blowing in the beach wind) for a matte finish lipstick.


Quick tip: The beach can either cause your skin to dry out (salty air) or sweat profusely (humidity) so keep plenty of moisturizer or blot paper on hand to keep your skin hydrated or shine-free depending on how your skin reacts!


Relax Those Beautiful Bridal Locks

Channel your inner mermaid vibes with a relaxed, windswept hairstyle to match the carefree beach bridal look. Even a cool chignon updo or messy bun is the perfect replacement for a tight, formal bun. Similarly, skip the tight curls and invest in a quality hair product that will help fight the beach humidity while allowing you to let your hair loose to mimic the beach waves. If you really want a hairstyle that keeps the hair off your face, however, you can also give the cutesy fishtail braid or half up half down style a go.


And Finally, Tie Your Beach Bride Look Together

The final steps not only include a fresh wax and spray tan, but also include selecting the right pair of shoes (or no shoes!) plus accessories to complete the ultimate beach bride look. Leave the heels at home and rock a pair of stylish sandals or your bare feet down the sandy aisle! Throw in a flower crown, or flowers in your hair and whimsical jewelry and voila: you’ve officially nailed the beach bride look!


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