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Seaside Wedding Celebration in Odessa, South of Ukraine

By Anastasiya Tymchenko

Viktor and Alina are a beautiful couple from a sunny city Odessa based on the South of Ukraine. They were dating and living together ten years before he proposed to her. Viktor threw a ring in a glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve, and of course, Alina said yes! He is an employee of …

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He Proposed, You Said Yes!
Now, What?

By Holly Cuthbert
Posted on 0 4 m read

Just engaged? Starting to envision your wedding? Wondering about all the things you’ll need to do and when? Don’t worry, we understanding wedding planning will take a lot. We are right by your side and so here’s our guide to what to do straight away and trust us, everything else can wait (for now!)…

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One-Of-A-Kind Wedding Venues in Kyoto for Your Special Day

By Lee Shu Shien
Posted on 1 3 m read

Interested in planning a wedding in Kyoto, but don’t know where to start? The enchanting old capital city of Japan has some seriously breathtaking wedding locations that are unlike any other. They are perfect for your special day. Read on to find out about some of the finest selections of one-of-a-kind Kyoto wedding venues that …

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5 Wedding Gowns Fit for The New Yorker Bride

Posted on 0 3 m read

There’s nothing chicer than a New York bride, or a New York wedding gown. Although every bride is different, the New York fashionista understands how to play with trends and drama, but always with a nod to the traditional. The result? Dresses that make a statement, while always being classy. And what else would you …

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