Pro Tips To Make Sure Your Wedding
Runs As Smoothly As Possible

By Eoin Connolly
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Let’s be honest: weddings are a rollercoaster. No matter how ecstatic you or your friends are about getting married, there’s no avoiding the simple fact that there’s a ton of stuff to organize. From flowers to food, from guest lists to invitations, every step of the journey requires a lot of thought. Given that it’s such an emotional time, these tasks can often appear overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to planning big events. With that in mind, we decided to create a list of a few simple pro tips you can follow to help your wedding run as smoothly — and as painlessly — as possible. 


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1: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Advice

Many prospective brides and grooms feel like they have to answer every single question themselves. This can lead to unnecessarily high levels of stress, especially when there’s often a pretty straightforward way to give yourself some guidance.

Most all of the professionals you’ll be hiring (photographers, hotel managers, etc) will have done at least a few weddings in their time. As a result, they’ll know what works and what doesn’t tend to work so well. Don’t feel hesitant to ask them if they have any recommendations for bands, flowers, or other similar details. Every little helps, and don’t worry: you’ll still be able to put your own distinctive stamp on your special day.


2: Sort Out Your Guests In Advance

The question of the guest list is often put on the long finger. Part of this is because it can be a bit of a nightmare, trying to work out everybody who needs to be invited; another part is because other tasks can often seem more pressing.

The good news, though, is that treating your guest list as a priority will pay dividends when it comes to the other jobs you need to do. Venues, menus, and everything in between will be a lot easier to figure out once you have a rough handle of how many people are coming. You don’t have to nail it right away — and there will undoubtedly be a few cancellations or people who can’t make it — but even having an approximate figure in your head will go a long way towards helping the rest of the process.


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3: Think Hard About Seating Arrangements

The seating plan is often the last thing on somebody’s mind as they’re preparing for a wedding, but it’s an important thing to consider. You need to remember that even though this is your wedding, it’s also an event for your friends and loved ones to enjoy. Going the extra mile to make your guests more comfortable will contribute hugely to a thoroughly enjoyable ceremony.

You don’t need to do anything crazy: just think about who’s going to sit where. For example, if you have a couple of feuding aunts you know are going to be attending, it’s probably a good idea to seat them at separate tables. Similarly, think about your friends, specifically which ones are single and which ones will be bringing a plus-one. There’s no bigger downer than being sat on your own at a table full of loved-up couples, so sitting singletons together is an easy way to improve the experience for everybody in attendance.


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Even though this list doesn’t cover every little thing you need to keep an eye out for, it’s a great place to start. All of these tips are straightforward, but they’re often overlooked during the planning stage of a wedding, creating an overall process which is trickier than it needs to be.


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