Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue Coordinator

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Wedding venues are one of the most important aspects of a wedding. You should be sure of little details, such as parking, payment terms and availability. So, the next time you head to a wedding venue’s site visit, go prepared with a list of wedding venue questions for the coordinator! Here it is!

1. What dates are available in the month that I’m considering to get married in?


2. What is the payment plan for the entire bill, including the deposit and due dates?


3. What’s the cancellation policy?

NOTE: You have to know that some places allow for a refund of the deposit if you cancel early enough. If you’ve passed a certain date, you may not be able to get the refund.


4. How many people can this location accommodate?


5. Do you provide a caterer or a list of preferred caterers? If I hire my own, are there kitchen facilities available?


6. Can we do a food tasting prior to finalizing our menu selection? Will there be an extra charge for the food tasting?


7. Is the venue handicap accessible? (Keep this in mind if you have guests with mobility issues)


8. Do you have a weather contingency plan? (Outdoor venues)


9. Are there decoration guidelines in the venue?


10. Do you have a signage to lead guests to the event?


11. How many restrooms are there?


12. Does the venue have liability insurance?

NOTE: If the site doesn’t have insurance, you have to get your own. Lest someone gets injured during the wedding, you won’t want to be held responsible.

WedElf Tip: 

Pay attention to the wedding venue during your site visit. Be sure to ask your venue coordinator to check out the restrooms, bridal dressing rooms, outdoor lighting and even the kitchen!

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