Rachel & Matthew’s
Rustic Vintage Wedding

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Rachel and Matthew Starnes reign from Southern Missouri. A few years ago, the stars aligned and the two were brought together. Wonderful friends and sweet lovebirds, Rachel and Matthew decided this was so and were engaged early 2017. On December 17, 2017, the two tied the knot in a gorgeous, cosy, rural wedding. Gather inspiration from this country wedding with the sweetest couple that will take you back to the 1950s!


Wedding Dress

Rachel wearing her grandmother’s dress on her wedding day.


Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Keeping old traditions isn’t necessary, but it does add sincerity to a wedding that you may want to keep. According to Rachel, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue was exactly what she needed! “The going away dress was my mom’s Becky going away dress,” she told her followers on Instagram. “It was a surprise for her, I didn’t tell her I was going to wear it! My shoes were borrowed from my Aunt Jo Beth, my earrings I borrowed from my Mother-In-Law Shellee, the coat I’m holding was my Great Grandmother’s and my suitcase was my Grandma Link’s.”


Rachel & Matthew's Rustic Vintage Wedding

Mighty Oak Lodge in Lebanon, MO

Mighty Oak Lodge in Lebanon, MO


The Venue

Rachel and Matthew held their wedding at Mighty Oak Lodge in Lebanon, MO. It is a small town where Rachel grew up in, located along Route 66. The lodge itself is nestled on 40+ acres of gently rolling hills surrounded by large oak trees and a beautiful spring-fed lake. Apart from that, the venue has a 7,000 square ft. main barn! Barn weddings can be quite breathtaking these days, giving you a quaint feeling while remaining extravagant.



Rachel & Matthew's Rustic Vintage Wedding


The Dress

Rachel’s dress was very important to her. She didn’t simply walk into David’s Bridal and pick out something she found attractive. Rachel chose a dress that meant something to her. In fact, the dress was her grandmother’s wedding dress back in 1958.


Wedding Dress

“My Grandma Spurgeon was a strong, kind, and angelic influence in my life.”

“After she went to heaven in spring 2017, I had the craziest, most stressful and eventful year thus far of my 30 years. When Matthew and I started making wedding plans I knew I wanted Grandma to be a part of mine and it started with the dress. She had this dress handmade for her wedding in 1958. The dress, which was left in a plastic bag crammed along with other vintage family clothes in the top of my grandmother’s closet, was in perfect condition! Together with the dress, I also wore my grandmother’s necklace that was gifted by her sister when they were young. I miss you, Grandma.”


Rachel & Matthew's Dance

Rachel & Matthew's Dance

Rachel & Matthew's Dance


The Other Dress

Even though Rachel’s wedding dress from her grandmother was really special, she needed a fun dress that she could move and dance in as well. The secondary dress was from Norman’s Bridal in Springfield, MO. This dress was simple and chic! The A-line silhouette accented her figure in the most flattering way. The trend of choosing two dresses for your wedding is one that every bride should consider. That way, you get our elegant ceremony dress as well as your fun reception dress!


Rachel and Matthew Wedding

Wedding Cake

Door Gift

Mighty Oak Lodge in Lebanon, MO


The Wedding Theme

When planning a wedding, most brides choose a colour scheme and stick with it, but this bride wanted something personal. So instead of something that’s been done a thousand times, Rachel and Matt focused on unifying textures and feelings. Everything at the wedding had a wholesome, natural feel. The key texture was cedarwood and the décor antique. On top of that, Rachel and Matt thought it was best to involve the family in the wedding planning. Instead of hiring different planners, they invited family members to help with their nuptials.

Matt’s aunt took a big part in planning the wedding, keeping everything organized. Matt’s grandmother did the flower arrangements and Rachel’s musician brothers and friends took care of the entertainment. Since the wedding was planned warmly and to be family-oriented, that’s the way it took place.

“The feeling in the room was very warm, everyone was happy for each other.”

Rachel’s band Dawson Hollow

Matthew and Rachel


We hope that Matthew and Rachel can keep that warm, family vibe as the centre of their marriage. If they do, they shall surely welcome many decades of love and happiness.


Rachel and Matthew

Rachel holding a bouquet

Matthew with his groomsmen



Special thanks to the team:

Band: Dawson Hollow

Photographer: Colby and Jess

Venue: Mighty Oak Lodge


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