Slip Into Rachel Simpson Shoes On Your Big Day
& Your Feet Will Thank You

The Rachel Simpson brand was established back in 2008, born from the designer’s long-standing love affair with shoemaking and shoe design. Having spent several years designing for a number of high street brands, Rachel’s real passion was for well designed, beautifully unique handmade shoes. Having produced numerous bespoke designs for bridal clients (including her sister’s wedding shoes), she spotted a gap in the market to make this look available at an affordable price without losing the quality. The brand was born, and the rest is a beautifully crafted history.

Look through the extensive collection at Rachel Simpson and you may find yourself looking at many pastel colours. Pastel colours work really well for wedding shoes, because they add a subtle pop of colour, without being too obvious or upstaging the wedding dress. They also complement bridesmaid dresses and flowers beautifully.

“Were pastel colours meaningful in some way to yourself?”

“I’ve always loved soft, muted colours and mint green is a personal favourite. So when we first launched these colours it was very much my own style, but since then it really has become our signature look. “ Rachel Simpson said in an interview with WedElf.


“In your opinion, what are the perfect wedding shoes?”

“#1 and above all else, the perfect wedding shoe has got to be comfortable. I’d recommend going for a natural leather lining, which is breathable and also shapes perfectly to the foot. As well as being comfortable, it’s also important that a wedding shoe is the perfect heel height- something around 2-3 inches is really easy to wear. A lot of our brides also like to go for a style with a strap, whether that’s an ankle strap, t-bar or mary-jane, as it gives them a bit more support during the day. “

Trust us, the last thing you want on your wedding day is to worry about blisters on your feet when you walk down the aisle or have the first dance. So, future brides, your feet will truly thank you for choosing Rachel Simpson shoes.

As well as all the practical considerations, Rachel also thinks it’s really important that you LOVE your wedding shoes. Nowadays there are so many to choose from, you really don’t have to compromise on the perfect pair, so take the time to find the ones which make you feel amazing. That little something which makes you go ‘WOW’ when you look down at your feet will be that pair!

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