Simplicity, Elegance, and Love:
The Fairytale Wedding of
Emma and Joey

A Day to Remember

Love, at first sight, is a common cliché, but ‘best friends at first sight’ is a little more unique. Unlikely or not, however, that’s exactly what happened with Emma and Joey Simonelli. When the latter was invited to scary movie night — despite the fact that it was at Emma’s house and she barely knew him — there was an instant connection, and it was a connection that would prove to be lasting.

Getting to know your best friend so early can make dating tricky since you don’t want to ruin the relationship you already have. Joey’s friends, fortunately for the couple, advised him that if he wanted Emma to stay as a best friend, he’d better hurry up and marry her. The rest, as they say, is history.


Emma showing Joey her ring

A Simple Proposal

What marks the proposal for this couple out from the herd was its simplicity. By asking Emma to marry him when the pair were raking leaves at a pastor’s house, they were essentially setting the stage for a straightforward, honest relationship, and one that put God first above all else.

It would be a mistake to confuse simplicity for a lack of affection or romance, though. Even though Emma felt burned by prior rejections (including from her parents) Joey made her feel safe, no matter what. In the bride’s own words, he was her special person.


wedding venue

wedding decoration



Emma walking down the aisle

I love so many things about Joey, he is such a hard worker and will go above and beyond for people (especially those he loves). He is so funny, we can spend all day laughing and have so much fun.”

Emma & Joey holding hands

Planning the Big Day

In keeping with the rest of their time together, the wedding was to be a simple affair, with a focus on the love between the couple. In order to highlight that love, they decided to keep everything else as straightforward — but classy — as possible.

Emma’s favourite colours were brown, green, and white, with touches of pink throughout. This was a style choice that was to extend throughout the entire wedding, with verdant plants, artisanal seating plans, and the cake itself all complying with the colour scheme. while the venue itself was designed to resemble an enormous greenhouse — perfect for the flower of love to blossom. By adopting an almost carefree attitude, Emma and Joey made it easy for everybody to enjoy their special day. By hiring close friends and family to perform roles such as those of the florist, the photographer, and the DJ (whom the couple found through recommendations from other friends), they were guaranteeing that everything would run smoothly.


emma & joey planting a tree

emma & joey planting tree ceremony

emma & joey exchanging rings

The Dress

No wedding is complete without the perfect dress, and Emma’s was a sight to behold. By contacting Truvelle, the vendor, she was able to customize the outfit to align exactly with the vision she’d always had. Ivory straps, a lace top and a flowy bottom, a peak of brown underskirt she kept as a way to add a little colour to the visage — the entire thing was an exercise in her own taste, and it came off beautifully on the day, creating an image of a bride that was classic, elegant, and entirely her own.


Bride Emma in Truvelle Wedding dress

Reception table setting

Table decoration

2 tier wedding cake


The Day Itself & Words of Advice

What stood out most to the couple was the fact that they were able to gather all of their closest friends and family to celebrate their happiness together. Emma’s family had been through a rough patch a year or two before the ceremony. Nonetheless, they were able to come together and enjoy each other’s company. This made all the difference to the ecstatic bride and groom.


emma & joey cutting cake

emma & joey feeding each other cake

emma & joey kissing

emma & joey marching into the reception

Groomsmen giving a speech


As to advice Emma might have for future brides — she can’t stress enough how important it is to choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful. As she wisely states, if you feel beautiful in a dress, you’ll look good in it. She would probably also add that if you’re able to, marrying your best friend won’t ever let you down: having that feeling is crucial. Standing up here by the altar beside Joey felt ‘surreal’. And when it comes down to it, don’t we all deserve to feel that special on our wedding days?


emma & joey first dance

emma & joey hugging

emma & joey kissing

emma & joey holding hands


Special thanks to the team:

Venue: Grand Rapids Downtown Market Place

Gown & Suits: Truvelle Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses Roolee

Men’s Accessories: Dazi USA

Event Styling /Flowers: Picket Fence Floral

Photography: Meg VanKampen


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