5 Tips To Pull Off An
Unforgettable Destination Wedding

By Lesley Ann Turner
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There is something incredibly exciting and romantic about being whisked away to an exotic island or favourite destination to say your “I Do’s”. Destination weddings are great for couples that want an intimate ceremony, paired with a vacation while keeping the wedding budget to a minimum.  Whether you have decided on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, a snow-covered mountain top, romantic wedding in Greece or the unbelievable island getaway in the Maldives Islands there are a few things you need to know to plan the perfect destination wedding. Follow these helpful tips to pull off an unforgettable destination wedding!


1. Save The Date

When planning a destination wedding it is important to allow enough time for your guests to plan and yes, even save money to be able to make the trip. We recommend setting your wedding date for one year from the engagement. This provides ample time for your guests to prepare, save and get passports/visas to join you in your “I Do’s”.

2. Select A Meaningful Place

Somewhere that is near and dear to your hearts is the key to the perfect destination wedding but it’s also important that you don’t choose a remote island or far away wooded retreat. Some remote wedding destinations can be difficult to get to or won’t provide enough hotel rooms to accommodate your guests. Plan smart and think of your guests and the experience that they will have. After all, you want it to be an amazing vacation getaway and enjoyable!

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3. Hire Your Team

To help keep your sanity during the wedding planning, especially when planning a destination wedding, it is a great idea to hire a planner or day-of coordinator. Having a wedding planner that is located in your wedding destination will help make your planning stress-free. They will be the expert on local vendors, seasonal flowers, amazing caterers and more. Your destination wedding planner will help create a magical wedding filled with amazing details that you could never plan from home.


4. Budget For Hometown Vendors

If you have a favourite photographer, florist or other wedding vendor and must have them at your wedding then you cannot forget to add this into your budget! Wedding vendors charge extra for out-of-town trips and it can bust your budget if you don’t factor it into the budget in the beginning. Hometown wedding vendors LOVE destination weddings but it does require extra planning and coordinating so make sure to hire them early!

5. Never Check or Ship Your Wedding Dress

This is a question that pops up pretty frequently; do I ship or check my wedding dress. The answer is No! You shouldn’t ship or check your wedding dress in your luggage. Imagine this, you have planned the perfect wedding and get to your destination only to find out that your luggage is lost or delayed. What! Panic sets in. How are you going to get married without your wedding dress? The best plan of action is to carry your gown onto the plane in a garment bag. Inquire ahead if they have space to hang it in the captain’s closet. If not, then you can gently fold it in half and store it above your carry-on bag or on your lap. Do not check or ship your wedding dress, you may end up heartbroken because she gets lost or damaged!

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Hosting a destination wedding is exciting because it allows your guests to vacation while being part of your wedding. It also enhances the “wedding experience” because instead of having 5-6 hours with your guests on your wedding day, you will have several days to enjoy their company. Creating memories that you can cherish for a lifetime is what life, and love is all about.


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